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Zbyněk Matějů is a contemporary classical music composer. He is well known for his ballet, scenic and film music, and for his symphony works. He has received many international awards for his compositions.

THE LITTLE MERMAID at the State Theatre narrates a story of unhappy painful love. It offers its spectators an excellent visual spectacle similar to the procedures of film making. What is the strongest impression? Above all, it is the contemporary music by Zbyněk Matějů. It reaches admirable quality and color. It is the music that keeps the real drama of the plot.
The music is the significant value of this work. It is there that most of the fantasy can be found.”
(From an article in Operaplus)

Malá mořská víla - Miho Ogomoto a soubor Baletu ND


“Matějů succeeded to put in notes the fatality of Krabat´s ritual transition to adulthood, the dramatic fight for Myself. However, the composition is not straightly likable. The music is really juicy and modern. Thanks to the music the whole performance of Krabat is juicy. It is a breathtaking ballet theatre.”
(Source: Hospodářské noviny, 4. 3. 2013, Petr Fischer)

“Above all new dynamic music full of unexpected turns and changes was written by an experienced composer Zbyněk Matějů. It was not for the first time he was composing ballet music. The work, full of team energy and colorfulness, has arisen in a musical piece of world significance.”
(Source: Právo, 2. 3. 2013, Marcela Benoniová)

STILL LIFE  (after the premiere)

“The music was so rich and diverse in aural colors, beginning with bells and gongs, and sweeping from spare moments of stillness to great pounding layers of instruments.”
(Source: Los Angeles Times)